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OJT – The Most Valuable of EE’s Core Values posted by jwatson on Oct 28, 2014

Randall Wood is the National Director for EE USA.

I have been reminded in recent days of the incredible value of on-the-job training in our equipping ministry. I am privileged to lead two Everyday Evangelism trainings this fall and this is what I have observed so far:

OJT is incredibly valuable to everyone involved in the encounter.

The Trainer is emboldened when recognizing, once again, the Divine nature of the appointments God orchestrates.

The Trainees are encouraged to see how easy it is to transition a conversation toward the Gospel and often amazed that people are open and interested to hear about the gift of eternal life.

The Prospects are challenged by the two most important questions of life.  Often, convicted by the inadequacy of their own answers to such critical questions, they are curious enough to listen to a confident witness who appears assured that there are answers.

The Prayer Partners are grateful to hear of specific prayers answered, and humbled to be used by God in the process.

The Other Training Teams are encouraged and multiply their knowledge and anticipation through the experiences shared in the report back sessions.

EE’s founder, Dr. D. James Kennedy, said that if he had to eliminate all but one aspect of EE, the part he would keep would be On-The-Job-Training – it’s that important!  I encourage you to place a high value on this indispensable tool as you train and multiply witnesses this fall and watch your people grow.

EE works! And it works because OJT works! 

We’d love to hear your story of a valuable OJT experience.  Share it on our Facebook page.



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