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One Visit Turned Him Into a Visionary posted by jwatson on Dec 28, 2011

The 50th anniversary of Evangelism Explosion is a historical landmark. But it’s much more than a landmark. More importantly, it’s a launching point that is off and running for the next years of impacting people for eternity.

When Jim Kennedy arrived at Rev. Kennedy Smartt’s Ingleside Presbyterian Church in 1960, neither of them could conceive the impact of that visit on impacting the world for Jesus Christ. During one of their evangelism visits, they met a Mr. Robinson. Rev. Smartt shared the Gospel, but Mr. Robinson was not ready to make a profession of faith. So Dr. Kennedy and Rev. Smartt departed. Seemed logical. I don’t believe I would have had any second thoughts about leaving.

But Rev. Smartt was not comfortable about leaving. They immediately walked back to Mr. Robinson and discussed the importance of a faith secure in Jesus Christ. Mr. Robinson decided that indeed, for him, this day was the day of salvation.

That’s Not The End of The Story

The very next day, Mr. Robinson dropped dead from a heart attack and that sparked something in Dr. Kennedy only the Holy Spirit could ignite.

By God’s amazing grace, EE penetrated every nation and territory with the Gospel. Yet, what I see is a level of commitment and Gospel movement much greater than anything accomplished in those first 50 years. The people, the projects, the plans are set in place for a global run in the years to come at training and reaching people for Christ that may very well exceed any of our expectations.

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