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Our Life As A Branch posted by John Sorensen on Feb 12, 2016


Picture language is really quite extensive in the Bible.  In John 15, Jesus calls us branches.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  You and I would say that we want our lives to count for something.  This is the reason the vine and branches picture is used in John’s Gospel. It wonderfully depicts us as branches who abide in the Vine – Jesus Christ.  To use the Bible word, we want our lives to be fruitful.  Five levels of fruitfulness are mentioned:

• No fruit

• Fruit

• More fruit

• Much fruit

• Fruit that will remain

No matter where we are in this list, we should set a goal for greater fruitfulness.  The highest level – fruit that remains – includes people to whom we have witnessed who have come to saving faith in Jesus.  Since salvation is receiving eternal life, these people are literally “fruit that will remain” forever.  EE stands ready to help you invest your life into that which counts for eternity.  For free resources to help you become more fruitful, visit us at

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