Sep 15

Our Lifeline posted by John Sorensen on Sep 15, 2021


Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, and you’re listening to Share Life Today.

Prayer is our lifeline to God. We need to form the habit of starting each day with it and then pray throughout the day. Just like we read our Bibles to hear from God, we pray to communicate with Him. When we do not prioritize prayer, it is like forgetting to speak to your closest family member or friend. Eventually, the relationship will suffer. And prayer is not only a one-way street—when we talk to our Father in heaven, He answers us. He tells us in Jeremiah thirty-three three (33:3), “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” What a promise! So use your prayer time to worship Him, for He is worthy of all praise. Confess your sins to Him, for He is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse from all unrighteousness. Thank Him and ask Him for His provision in your life. And you will see growth! To learn more about prayer, visit our website at share life dot today. That’s share life dot today.

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