Mar 31

Out and About posted by John Sorensen on Mar 31, 2020


Friends, we are, no doubt, in a situation all over the world that we’ve never been in before. And while most people are quite fearful and keeping to themselves, we, as believers in Jesus, are in a position to bring the hope of the Gospel to people who really need it. We have the opportunity during a pandemic to share our faith like perhaps never before. Right where we are. Right now. Someone just told me they are using this time, while still keeping distance, to have Gospel conversations with their neighbors. She said that everyone is out and about in the neighborhood walking and exercising, and she’s offering the hope of Jesus by having conversations that share how she has found peace in the midst of this crisis – and that hope is found only in Christ! If you are not yet comfortable sharing your faith, well take Evangelism Explosion’s free online training course that will help get you started. Visit ShareLife dot University today. That’s ShareLife dot University.

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