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God’s Love Builds Bridges posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 11

Do you realize that God is in the business of reconciliation? Just recently, a sweet couple was trained in Evangelism Explosion after coming to know the Lord. Sunny and Roshna graduated from their EE classes and immediately began sharing the Gospel. They were converted to Jesus from their former religion, and, do you know where they started sharing the Gospel? At their former place of worship! Ro...  Read the full post ( 521 words, estimated 2:05 mins reading time )

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What is Love? posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 4

You know that noise your smoke detector makes when it needs new batteries? It causes some annoyance and anxiety, doesn’t it? That piercing noise just may be the most annoying sound in the world! No one wants to be around that! You know, sometimes we can be that loud noise no one wants to hear. The Apostle Paul says we can do very good things, but if our words are not spoken out of love, it’s...  Read the full post ( 559 words, estimated 2:14 mins reading time )

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Create Community posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 28

Have you stopped to think about your neighbor? I'm not talking about the person living next door - I'm talking about the neighbor Jesus spoke of in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus was talking to a man and told him to love God and love his neighbor. The man then asked Jesus, 'who is my neighbor?'. The man wanted to know who he had to love. What was Jesus answer? Everyone. So, who around y...  Read the full post ( 531 words, estimated 2:07 mins reading time )

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Church Finds a Voice for the Gospel posted by jwatson on Jan, 24

Church Finds a Voice for the Gospel Pastor Jim wanted to do more than share the Gospel from the pulpit on Sunday mornings, but he didn’t believe people outside of the church wanted to hear about God. Last summer, he attended an evangelism clinic at University Presbyterian Church in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and discovered he was wrong. Before he left to fly back home, Jim visited the c...  Read the full post ( 633 words, estimated 2:32 mins reading time )

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Sharing in a Secular World posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 21

How do you know God exists? Is there an absolute truth? Can't we all just be nice people who do good things? If there is a Heaven, won't my good deeds be enough to get me there? So many people ask these questions, and more, because they really don't know the answers! Our world is increasingly secular with few moral absolutes governing society. So how do we change this? How can we give an answer to...  Read the full post ( 665 words, estimated 2:40 mins reading time )

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Fake News vs. Real Good News posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 14

You've probably heard over the course of the last couple of years a lot of...well, fake news. Things can get blown out of proportion or swept under the rug. It's easy to hear something in the media and think, "Okay. They definitely exaggerated that story!" Or "there's no way it really happened like that!" Well I am here to tell you some real news – good news! Every single sentence in the Bibl...  Read the full post ( 507 words, estimated 2:02 mins reading time )

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Making Friends for Eternity posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 7

My daughters used to say the phrase, 'you're my BFF!' to their friends. BFF…Best Friends forever! As an adult, you may hear that and think that friendship they’re speaking of may last a few good months, but definitely not forever. It's so easy for a child to walk up to someone and instantly become best friends forever, but for us, it can be a little trickier. The truth is, though, that t...  Read the full post ( 578 words, estimated 2:19 mins reading time )

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Goal to Witness posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 31

Do you make New Year’s resolutions each year? If you don't, why not? A lot of people hesitate to make resolutions because they've failed to follow through so many times in the past, it just doesn't seem to be worth the initial effort. You don't want to be disappointed, so you just don't set any expectations. Maybe you've taken this same attitude and applied it to your own faith. You've messed...  Read the full post ( 591 words, estimated 2:22 mins reading time )

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The Christmas Story posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 24

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse... Now, that's not the Christmas story I am here to tell you about. The real Christmas story is much more than reindeer and a long winter's nap; this story is about the Son of God... ‘Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, to the city of David, w...  Read the full post ( 521 words, estimated 2:05 mins reading time )

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Christmas Prayers posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 17

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Are you ready for all of the last-minute holiday shopping, the festivities...the family? You know, that last one, family, can bring some stress into our Christmas season. I know we're supposed to be grateful for family and excited to see folks we haven't in a while, but sometimes, it just isn't very pleasant. Maybe you have family who aren't believers a...  Read the full post ( 510 words, estimated 2:02 mins reading time )

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