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Paldeep’s thirst for God was insatiable— And led to a miracle of God posted by jwatson on Jun 03, 2014

Paldeep was so desperate to find God that he was willing to do anything, including taking his own life because he thought, “If I can’t get God in this life, I will get Him in the next.” Paldeep tried church, meditation and even Scripture. To say he was desperate is quite an understatement. Thankfully, his suicide attempt failed miserably.

And then the seemingly impossible happened. I call it a miracle of God. While he sat praying, he had a miraculous encounter—with the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ—Who clarified true faith for him! Like Moses at the burning bush, this holy man’s eyes were opened. He was converted in a flash.

Today, he is fully equipped using Evangelism Explosion’s Weaver’s training materials to reach his people group for Christ, a method he calls “the best non-threatening approach I have ever seen.”

This is one example how, for more than 50 years, EE has been helping people tell their stories to transform others with the Gospel. All of this is possible by God’s grace and your support. Today, we need your help more than ever so that we can continue to train people to share their stories and change lives forever.

Although we’re nearly halfway through the 90 days of our $150,000 Matching Challenge, we’re significantly behind in funding. The end of our fiscal year is June 30, and we are far from reaching our goals.

Please pray earnestly about what God will have you do to help us so we can continue reaching others like Paldeep around the world.

Right now, your tax-deductible donation is matched dollar-for-dollar up to the $150,000 match. It’s a wonderful time to give so that your gift can go twice as far to reach, teach and train.

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