Dec 21

Pamela posted by John Sorensen on Dec 21, 2015


I’d like you to meet Pamela.  You’d like her. Just 12 years old, she’s already making a difference where she lives in Honduras.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  It’s a “dangerous” place for those who share their faith in Christ, but Pamela is too filled with joy to stop. After EE’s Hope For Kids trained her how to share her faith, this child went to prison . . . to share Jesus with her uncle behind bars.  Can you imagine, a young girl, age 12, visiting a prison?  But Pamela was on a mission. Her uncle was lost and she had the Good News he desperately needed. She shared the Gospel with him, they held hands and prayed – and her uncle believed in Jesus! God used young Pamela to reach her uncle for Christ.  And, you know, He can use you too!

I hope sharing your faith is a way of life for you but if it’s not, it can be – just like it is for Pamela.  And we can help with free tips, tools and Gospel resources.  Just visit us at

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