Apr 15

Partnership to Disciple 750,000 Children! posted by John Sorensen on Apr 15, 2014

Last week we worked on a project that could change the lives of over 3/4 of a million children in 2015! If it works out as we believe it will, we will see over 750,000 children receive ongoing discipleship. And for us, that is very exciting.

Some years ago, we began a project called “Hope for Kids” where we train children to share the Gospel with their friends, relatives, and neighbors. This past year, we trained nearly one million children in 75 countries. Those children shared with, on average, ten of their friends, seeing nearly ten million children hear the Gospel. On average worldwide, we see two of those friends come to faith in Jesus, AND take up fellowship in the local church. But we had a problem. What do you do for those children to ground them in their new-found faith?

Then the answer came: The Explorer’s Club! Through a partnership with The Mailbox Club, we developed a way to take children that have just come to Christ and give them a foundation in the Christian faith. And its really making a difference!

We just completed a video from Ghana where a field-test of this partnership is functioning in local churches across the country. Why not take a few minutes and be blessed by seeing what God is doing through this great work?

Amazing, huh? I think so. Praise the Lord!

And while 750,000 children isn’t the whole two million that came to Christ, it’s a very good start.

Please pray for us! And please, consider giving a generous gift today to help us reach children and adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God bless you for whatever you are able to do.

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