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Plane Trip posted by John Sorensen on Jun 15, 2018


I have a feeling we’ve all done it—gotten on an airplane hoping that the person next to us doesn’t feel like talking.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion International.  I fly all over the world for EE and sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is making conversation.  But then I remember EE’s founder, D. James Kennedy.  The stories are legend among those who traveled with him.  It was not uncommon for him to have a center seat – you know – the one most of us try desperately to avoid.  Not Jim Kennedy.  In the center seat he had two people to share the Gospel with.  A staff member told how they had an aisle seat when they realized that Dr. Kennedy was going to get stuck in the uncomfortable middle seat.  They offered to change with him but he declined.  Then a fellow traveler explained that Dr. Kennedy saw those seats as an opportunity for a divine appointment.  So the next time you’re on a plane, try having that Gospel conversation.  Need help sharing your faith?  Visit our website at

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