Aug 26

Please Pray for those affected by Hurricane Irene posted by John Sorensen on Aug 26, 2011

Prayer—Our first line of defense…

We can feel so helpless in times of pending catastrophe, especially when we’re miles away from the areas most affected. As Hurricane Irene bears down on the east coast, there is something we all can do. It’s a power from God who asked us to use it “in every situation”—PRAY! Prayer is our first line of defense and our line of attack. This is where victories are won or lost. Let’s’ not overlook this discipline. It’s the muscle behind our faith.

  • Ask God to spare peoples’ lives and homes from high winds and flooding
  • Ask God to move this hurricane into the Atlantic
  • Ask God to help those in the Bahamas already affected by Irene
  • Ask God to use this time to draw people to Him

Please pray for everyone directly affected by Irene.

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