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Populating Heaven posted by John Sorensen on Apr 08, 2013

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The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) gave its Milestone Award to Evangelism Explosion last month at the NRB Convention in Nashville.  It recognizes EE for 50 years of “doing one thing well – glorifying God by equipping believers to multiply in and through local churches world-wide,” said NRB President and CEO Dr. Frank Wright.

I’m happy for this recognition and was honored to accept the award on behalf of EE. It’s a testament to the service and sacrifice of thousands of people who have labored in EE since Dr. Kennedy first scratched out a hand-written gospel presentation and began training his congregation to share Christ back in 1962.

I’m much happier, however, to report that this past year was the very best in the entire history of Evangelism Explosion.

By God’s grace, we saw nearly 7.9 million people come to Christ world-wide through EE-trained witnesses in some 50,000 churches and via other initiatives as well.

Plus, EE conducted 2,342 Leadership Training clinics last year where we trained 468,570 people to tell others about Jesus. Those who know how much work goes into just one of these week-long events understand how much of a miracle this is. Our goal for 2013 is to do 2,413 clinics and to expand the number of active EE churches to nearly 60,000.

Hope for Kids, our three-year-old partnership with OneHope, has now trained two million children to share Jesus with others. As a result, some six million children worldwide have given their lives to Jesus Christ since the inception of Hope for Kids. Absolutely astonishing!

And we’re going to augment Hope for Kids this year by bringing in a new partner, the Mailbox Club, which does extensive discipleship for new believers, especially children. They’ve offered to come alongside EE and produce materials to help children won to Christ grow in their faith. We are now field testing this with 177,000 children in preparation for the roll out of this new partnership worldwide.

All this is only possible, as I tell my staff, if we keep our eyes on Christ. And that’s what we’re determined to do as we make his last command our first concern. Thanks for being a part of what God is doing through EE in the lives of millions around the world!

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