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Pray for Egypt posted by John Sorensen on Aug 14, 2013

Violence in EgyptWe just received this urgent

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prayer request from our ministry leader in Egypt. Names and specific locations have been removed for security reasons. Please join us in prayer.

As I write these words, churches in many parts of Egypt are under heavy attack from the Muslim Brotherhood. They are throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the churches and have destroyed cars, police stations, and other public buildings. There are attacks on other Orthodox churches in Upper Egypt, as well as a Catholic church. Some police stations are also under attack in different parts of Egypt and there is fire everywhere.

Please pray and ask others to pray for this volatile situation in Egypt.

The police arrested 5 people from the Muslim brotherhood at my church’s entrance. They have guns and missiles, so the brotherhood came back to my area to attack the police station, which is near my church.

The police and army are trying to maintain safety for all people and are attempting to disperse the protestors peacefully. However, the supporters of former President Mursi have threatened that if they are dispersed from the current sites, they will move to other sites and continue to protest. They also threatened to use violence. There have been a number of fatalities and casualties from among the police as well as the protestors, but it seems that the numbers are not as high as expected for such violence. However, the supporters of former President Mursi claim that there are very high numbers of casualties. The real numbers will be known later on.

Please pray that the situation will calm down, for wisdom and tact for the police and the army, for the safety of all churches and congregations, and that all in Egypt would be safe.

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