Sep 26

Pray That People Would See Visions of the Messiah posted by jwatson on Sep 26, 2013

People of hard-to-reach faiths are hearing the Gospel and responding positively. Our EE outreach in Jordan of the Middle East continues as more people are being equipped in Jordanian churches to share their faith in Christ. And an important EE ministry nears its completion. It will include specialized materials and training that will reach out with sensitivity and love to Muslim-background believers.

The Gospel is making a difference. After watching the acclaimed JESUS Film, one Jordanian said, “To my surprise, I experienced a sense of peace, relief and relaxation in my spirit and body that I never knew before. As I listened to His call:  “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” I felt as if I discovered a precious treasure. I prayed and declared my faith in Jesus. I became sure that God is with me and I started to love people, forgive people and see life through God’s eyes.”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes hearts. We encourage you to keep sharing the Gospel.

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