Nov 12

Pray to Lead posted by John Sorensen on Nov 12, 2019


How have you led your family lately? As a husband, wife, parent or child, there’s something you can do that can lead your family closer to Christ. What is it? Pray together! Too often, we think that praying together is limited to the dinner table or sitting in neat little rows at church. Prayer is meant to be a huge part of the Christian walk, and should be a daily part of your family time as well! Take time with your family at the beginning of each day, or before bed at night, to thank God for who He is, His mercies, ask forgiveness and for help. Modeling this example of corporate prayer will strengthen the faith of your family and will lead them, and you, to the cross of Jesus. Prayer is powerful! Don’t miss out one on of God’s greatest blessings – talking to Him – because you don’t set time aside to do so! If you need help with your prayer life, or would like help sharing your faith, visit ShareLife.Today. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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