Aug 24

Praying For a Visit posted by John Sorensen on Aug 24, 2015


Imagine.  You’re sitting at the back of a church and you decide to take a chance and fill out a visitor’s card.  But that’s not all, you actually pray that someone will come visit you.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Now, this really happened to Donna.  In fact, she’d gone to another church and filled out a card and asked God to send someone to her house if that was the church she should keep attending.  But no one came.  This time was different.  What Donna couldn’t know was that this church actually couldn’t wait to visit their visitors.  They prayed people would fill out the visitor cards so they could meet and share the Gospel.  And, sure enough, the evangelism team knocked on Donna’s door.  But Donna wasn’t home.  Instead, it was William, her fiancé and her sister who were home.

Well, the story just gets better and better and to learn what happens, visit and watch my interview with William and Donna.  They are proof positive that people are waiting to hear the Gospel.

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