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Praying Spouse posted by John Sorensen on Feb 04, 2020


Are you a praying spouse? Now, I don’t mean that you occasionally pray for their health or thank God for them. Are you bringing them to the Lord in prayer daily? This is especially important for any marriage – God honors our prayers. But for a marriage with an unbelieving spouse, prayer is incredibly important. After all, you want to spend eternity in Heaven with your spouse – so pray for that. Pray for your spouse to have their heart softened toward the Gospel. Pray that your life would reflect the Gospel and that it would make the Gospel appealing to them. You may be the only Jesus they see, so don’t take that lightly. Pray that you can show them grace and love just like Christ. You won’t be perfect, but you can lead them to the One who is. Your spouse is a gift, and so is the Gospel. Treat both with high regard, and pray, pray, pray! For more witnessing tips, visit Share Life dot today. Share Life dot today.

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