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Preparing for the Season GO 2020 posted by John Sorensen on Nov 07, 2019


Each year seems to go by more quickly than the last, doesn’t it?  The holiday season tends to sneak up and another year is behind us. Well, don’t let this holiday season go by without learning how to share the Good News of Jesus. It can be as simple as taking EE’s online training course over the next couple of weeks. Visit ShareLife.University to learn how to share the Gospel and for easy to remember tips to help you witness. Get a friend to do it with you and pray together for lost loved ones you will see this holiday season. If you have someone in mind who you’d like to share with, go ahead and let them know you’re praying for them and that you’d like to share something important to you before the season gets away. Then, follow through. Make sure you share the grace of Jesus with someone because you already know how quickly time passes. Start being intentional about sharing the Gospel today. Visit ShareLife.Today for more information. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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