Nov 20

Prisoners and the Gospel posted by John Sorensen on Nov 20, 2015


Does sharing the Gospel work?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion InternationalLet’s look at a compelling example.  It’s amazing, but the national rate for prisoners who return to prison after being released is around 70 percent.  It breaks my heart to think that there’s very little reform happening in prisons. But, once the incarcerated are taught how to share their Gospel and then released, that rate is less than two percent!  That’s proof positive of the transforming power of the Gospel.  You may not have a ministry to the incarcerated church. But you do have folks around you in every walk of your life whether friends, family, work associates and neighbors who do not yet know Jesus.  They need someone to share the Gospel with them.

My encouragement for you is to take the initiative to get started. Once you do, I promise you, life will take on a whole new dimension for you and those around you. We can help at  We’ll even send you some free Gospel tracts.

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