Aug 25

Prisoner’s Payback posted by John Sorensen on Aug 25, 2015


There’s nothing unusual about Mr. Sgenu. He’s a layperson who wants to share his faith in Christ. Well, there is one thing . . . he was just released from prison.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. While in prison, Mr. Sgenu became a believer and then discovered a tool to help him share the Gospel.  Now that he’s released from prison, he says that one way to pay those back, the ones he hurt through his crimes, is to share the Gospel of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  He certainly regrets the people that he hurt and now his goal is to help them the best way he can. He says that having a Gospel tool to help him share has not only changed his life but has given him a new, fulfilling purpose.

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