Apr 25

Prospects posted by John Sorensen on Apr 25, 2016


Are you having trouble finding people whom you can share your faith in Christ with?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Considering that unbelievers are all around us, it shouldn’t be an issue at all to find them. First, consider church visitors. Many churches offer fellowship opportunities once the worship service ends. Extending a hand to those unfamiliar to you could result in a perfect opportunity to schedule a visit, talk to them more about your church and discover where they are spiritually in their lives with the hope of sharing your faith. Other opportunities include new faces in your Sunday school, your relationships with unsaved relatives and friends and new residents in your neighborhood. Opportunities abound around us share the wonderful news of Jesus Christ from trips on planes to attending your child’s next athletic event. If you need help sharing your faith, we’d be glad to help. Just visit our website at and we’ll even send you a few free Eternity In Your Hand tracts.

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