Sep 27

“I Don’t Believe in God.” posted by John Sorensen on Sep 27, 2021


“I don’t believe in God.” Have you ever heard that before? Maybe it was from a close friend or a family member? The more we share our faith, the more likely we are to encounter an objection or a tough question. But we can answer them confidently and in love. They are an opportunity to talk about spiritual things! So, let me encourage you—if someone asks you how they can be sure that there is a God, begin by asking them what evidence that he or she would need to believe that God exists? You see, the average person will say something like, “I’d have to see Him.” To that, you might reply, “Do you believe in air, gravity, love, or intelligence? Have you ever seen them? So, is it really fair to use two different standards of proof: one for God and one for everything else that exists but can’t be seen?” For more ways on how to answer this question, visit our website at share life dot today. That’s share life dot today.

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