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Reaching Kids with the Gospel posted by jwatson on Mar 05, 2012

It was a long walk through the narrow alley that lead the Hope for Kids Teachers to a small open space in front of a Roman Catholic chapel of a crowded community in Mandaue City, Central Philippines. It was packed with kids eagerly waiting for their guests. As we gathered around them the rest of the community went on to check what was going on.

Right there in front of that chapel kids heard about the Gospel and made professions of faith! And we continue to trust the Lord that the Gospel will continue to spread to the community through these kids.

That day 146 kids made professions of faith! Praise God because the discipleship mechanism is already in place. Those whom we have equipped with the Hope for Kids program will continue to nurture these kids.

This greatly challenged the 44 participants of the Hope for Kids (Kids’ EE) Teachers’ Workshop at the Bright Morning Star Christian Gathering here in Cebu City last February 24 – 26, 2012. Most of the 14 churches that were represented were not familiar with the EE Ministry yet. And through this workshop the Lord opened the door wide for the work here in Central Visayas.

The goal of Hope for Kids is to be able to share the Gospel to 20 million kids worldwide. And we do this by equipping adults to clarify the Gospel message to kids; help kids come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ; and equip these kids to share the Gospel with at least 10 of their friends. And we are doing our little share here in the Philippines. And the response is tremendous! Praise God!

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