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Reason in the Balance posted by John Sorensen on Oct 04, 2019


Have you ever had someone tell you that to believe in God means you’ve put away reason and taken a blind leap of faith? Too often it’s the unbeliever who has taken the blind leap of faith, when they have rejected the existence of Heaven and Hell and of God Himself. The truth is that there’s nothing blind about our faith. Truth is not relative, but God invites us to come and to consider Him and His truth.  And while, we can’t exactly draw a picture of God for the skeptic, we can give them logical proof for His existence.  In fact, just look at the universe.  The proof is all around us that there is a God who created this world.  So we need to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us – but with gentleness, respect and love.  If you need help sharing your faith or want to watch a video that handles objections to the Truth we know, visit ShareLife.Today. 

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