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Report from western U.S. posted by jwatson on Apr 06, 2009

We’ve received some wonderful reports lately from the field. This one I received from David Clark, a regional director for the western region of the United States. This report shows what one church in Phoenix was able to do, by the grace of God, with 14 teams that were willing to go out and talk to people about Jesus! I’m sure you’ll be just as amazed as I am.  I really appreciate the recorder that took the time and energy to put such a report together so that we can pray and rejoice!


Our night out for OJT was very inspiring and eventful. Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for us. Here’s our report for this week:

PRAYER (these people answered the questionnaire, some heard the Gospel, but didn’t make a decision; some were left tracts; some are contacts that people in EE have made and are continuing to witness to.

LT – means they were left a tract

Chris – motorcycle accident
James – LT
David – LT
Lady w/Dog
Kids @ Skate Park
Anais – LT
Anna – LT
Adrian – LT
Jesus & Maria – LT
Lucy – Assurance
Nina – New Age
Dan – Health
Charlene’s Mom – Cancer
Rosanna – Other faith
Leroy – LT
Money (that was the name given to us)
Syl – Failing Health
Ferhad – Other religion
Danny – LT
Hannah, Abbey, Line – ladies of other religion that were very nice, listened, searching, had many questions
Joe – Other faith – LT
Alina – her mom – bypass surgery
Shelley – LT
Dorothy – Health issues
Marvin – Health issues
Desmond – Buddist; and Nick – Atheist – These two were talked to by another team this week. The fact that they were approached again this week seemed to get their attention! Nick said he still had the information given to him last week, he hadn’t read it yet, but it was on his dresser. Please pray that he will read it this week, and if the Lord wills, another team will approach them in the coming weeks.

PRAISE!!!! (These people all prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior!)

Brandy, Jasmin, Alex, Luis, Maria, Carlos, Idali, Lucy, Victor, Kunisha, Rick, Charlene, Dan, Blanca, Eddie, Raymond, Elizabeth, Anthony, Katina, Miranda, Robert, Bryson

Here is a more in-depth report from one of our teams:

“Our team shared the Gospel for a heartfelt 45 minutes with Anthony and his girlfriend Atina as they sat on the park bench. As we talked, Anthony shared how he had lost both his parents and how his only parent, his grandmother was dying. He felt he had no one to talk to except his girlfriend. He felt lonely and desired peace. Every time he opened up to his “friends”…they did not want to listen to him.  He felt burdened with much responsibility in his life. Death and seeing loved ones suffer had taken its toll on him. He felt this huge void.

“He knew about God but felt he did not believe anymore until last weekend. See, Anthony was not supposed to be in the park, he had gotten in trouble recently with a 3rd DUI and was in jail facing felony charges and prison. But, when he went before the judge for the crimes…mysteriously there was NO record of his charges anymore. As a result, the judge had to set him free. He knew he was guilty and even thought maybe jail would keep him safe somehow. Anthony even still had the paperwork in his pocket and showed it to us. He was still shocked by it. He had been thinking about God the past few days.  I told him how this was much like how Christ paid the penalty of our sins and there is no longer any record of them and how we have been set free.

“Anthony said, “he was looking up to the stars and was asking to hear something good and we came along”…and he heard something good all right, he heard the Gospel. After accepting Christ in their hearts, Anthony said he felt good just being around us, and felt that we were positive. I know he was feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

“They thanked us and wept and hugged us. Anthony was now smiling and encouraging us as we were leaving. He said, “keep doing what you are doing”…sharing the Gospel. He hoped some day he would do what we do. We are hoping to seem them again in 7 days!”

We can’t Thank You enough for all your prayers.  May God Bless and protect you! “

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