General Guidelines

2 Timothy 2 lists six qualities that make an effective witness:

Don’t rely on your own wisdom and strength but remember, as Paul reminds Timothy
that your strength lies in Christ, v.1-2.
Be willing to make the sacrifice and to suffer what is necessary, v. 3.
Be secure in your salvation, v. 11-13.
Be grounded in the Faith v.14-19.
Don’t live a compromised lifestyle, be sanctified, v. 20-23.
Adopt the Servant Attitude necessary, v.24-26.

Who are we serving?  Who are we concerned about?  If we’re serving ourselves, our own interests, we are going to want to defend ourselves.  We’ll be more concerned about making ourselves look good than we are about communicating the goodness of God.

This is why Paul reminds Timothy that he is a bondservant of the Lord. We need to be equipped with reasonable answers so that we’re ready. And if we see ourselves as His bondservant, then everything we do and experience takes on a new perspective. We won’t be quarrelsome, we’ll be kind to everyone who questions us, we’ll remain in a place emotionally where we are able to teach – rationally and reasonably.  We won’t become impatient even when we’re put down and we will remain calm and kind in all of our responses.  Look at what is at stake here, verse 25. . .
“Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth”

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