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Rickshaw strike dooms Hope for Kids workshop? posted by jwatson on Sep 21, 2012

Auto-rickshaw strike hinders travel for India participants

In India, an auto-rickshaw strike caused cancellations at a Hope for Kids (HFK) workshop. But it did not deter an HFK field worker (name withheld for security). Despite the strike, fourteen church leaders attended the workshop representing several different church fellowships.

“There was a time when I was discouraged and wanted to cancel the workshop,” the field worker says, “but the Holy Spirit convicted me to not cancel.”

Participants endured unbearably hot and humid weather during the three-day training. The field worker reports that during on-the-job training 15 street kids made professions of faith in Christ and will be followed up.

Ten-year-old Hannah, who was trained to share her faith through HFK, is a young and bold witness. “I love sharing Christ with my friends and longing for them to be with God in Heaven,” she says.

Yes, kids can share the Gospel!

The field worker in India is but one of hundreds of EE field workers who are working side-by-side, assisting churches to implement the EE ministry and equip their people for the Great Commission.

Watch the HFK TV special, and see how God empowers kids to share with their peers!

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