Oct 11

Robert’s Story posted by John Sorensen on Oct 11, 2021


He was old and feeble when I first saw him coming up the aisle. When he got up to the front, Robert put his finger up into my face, and he exclaimed, “Young man, I’ve tried witnessing for Jesus Christ my entire life, and I’ve never led anyone to Jesus. And now you tell me if I get involved and learn how to share my faith that I could to lead someone to Jesus before I die!” I told him yes; and through the next year, Robert learned to share the Gospel through an EE program at a church that he drove to twenty-one miles away. There was a hymn that we used to sing, that said, “Must I go but empty handed?” Well, Robert did not want that to be him. Now Robert isn’t with us here anymore; Robert is now in heaven. But before he went, he didn’t only lead one person to Jesus…he led five people to Jesus! You see, he finished strong. Now I hope and pray that that can be said of each of us! And if it isn’t, today could be the beginning. Learn how to share your faith at share life dot today.

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