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Routines posted by John Sorensen on Sep 08, 2015


A lot of life is lived in routines. We get up every morning. We brush our teeth, shower, eat breakfast and we’re off to work.  For most, routines become dull. But I think routines get a bad wrap.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Even something as delightful as a summer vacation is a routine. We live with routines every day, and they give us focus. It’s the same with sharing your faith in Christ. We all need a system or a way of organization to share our faith. It’s not a bad thing.  Let’s refer to this as “Big Mac Theology”. No matter where you go in the world, A Big Mac is a Big Mac due to the fact that they have an orderly system. And it’s no different in being organized in presenting the Gospel.  It’s a good thing to bring order to your witnessing.

And you can start to get organized when you visit There you’ll find free tips, tools and other Gospel resources to help you share you faith in Christ.

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