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Safe Place posted by John Sorensen on Jun 12, 2019


As a child, where was your safe place? Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today. Many of you may be thinking of home, your parents or grandparents. Well, where is that safe place now? Is it with your Heavenly Father? The Lord wants to be your safe place. In fact, the presence of your Heavenly Father is the safest place you can be! In Psalm 61, David says, “You have been a safe place for me!” Over and over again, Scripture says that God is our refuge and strength. If Scripture talks so much about God being our safe place, we can seek Him for asylum and peace. Do you know someone who needs a safe place? Tell them about the security and protection you’ve found through a relationship with Jesus. We’re truly safe when we’re hidden in Him! A willing spirit is all you need to start a Gospel conversation. If you need help sharing your faith, we have tools and resources to help you do it at ShareLife.Today. Visit ShareLife.Today for more information.

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