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Salvation is of the Lord posted by John Sorensen on May 04, 2016


The essence of the evangelical faith is this:  Salvation is of the Lord.

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Conversion cannot be obtained by our salesmanship, persuasion, rhetoric or by any other means because salvation is of the Lord.  Therefore, the most effective tool you have in your witnessing toolbox is prayer. Sharing our faith in Christ must always be a trialogue rather than a dialogue. We are not only speaking to the lost person before us but also to the Holy Spirit, who alone has the power to open their eyes and enlighten their minds. In and of ourselves, we have no power to change anyone. So remember to call upon the name of the Lord before witnessing, during witnessing and after, for it is only the Holy Spirit who drives the Gospel home to the hearts of men. And once your new friend receives Christ, we’d like to help by sending you our Partners In Growing bookIt will help you explain to them how they can begin to grow in their new faith. Just visit our website at

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