Oct 18

Saving Faith posted by John Sorensen on Oct 18, 2017


The Bible tells us that by grace we are saved through faith. So, when you’re telling others about Jesus, the matter of faith is crucial.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. There are those who know all the doctrine of faith, and yet they don’t know how to get eternal life for themselves.  Some may think that faith is simply head knowledge about who Jesus is. But it’s more than that because the Bible tells us in James two verse nineteen that even the demons believe in Jesus and tremble and we know they’re not going to Heaven.  Faith must also be more than “temporary faith” that trusts in God for those temporary emergencies – like traveling mercies or a health scare.  And while that’s good, it saves no one. When you witness to others, saving faith must be clearly defined as trusting Jesus Christ Alone for eternal life.  For a clear Gospel presentation, visit us at and we’ll send you some free Gospel tracts in Spanish or English.

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