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Share Christ with Billy Graham! posted by John Sorensen on Oct 04, 2013

Dr. Billy Graham was a dear friend of Dr. D. James Kennedy and Evangelism Explosion.  In fact, he had a huge role in the establishment of EE in its early days.

Dr. Graham paid for translations, encouraged leaders around the world to get involved, and featured a young Jim Kennedy at many of his Schools of Evangelism. It was at one of those schools that EE’s Buddy Gaines first heard about EE. Buddy went on to launch EE’s ministry across Asia and the whole of the former Soviet Union.

Dr. Graham even wrote the foreword for the book, Evangelism Explosion, telling readers more than 40 years ago, “So enthusiastic have I become over [Dr. Kennedy’s] program for evangelizing a parish that I have asked him to come regularly and address our Crusade School of Evangelism where he has been before many thousands of theological students, ordinands, young clergy, and other Christian workers.”

Now EE has the opportunity to co-labor with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association again as Dr. Graham and his team launch a huge nationwide evangelistic campaign that will climax in November when Dr. Graham brings a special message to America.

The campaign, My Hope with Billy Graham, combines person-to-person outreach with the power of mass media. The idea is to pray for and then invite friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to your home for the prime-time televised airing of Dr. Graham presenting the Gospel.

I am privileged to call on the entire EE family to participate in this campaign.

Please plan ahead for this. The event is November 7 – 9. Visit to check your local listing. Once your air date has been determined, have each team do their OJT on that night in a team member’s home.  You and your team can spend the weeks before the prime-time airing inviting people to join in the event.  Afterwards, you can visit those who attended to follow up, perhaps sharing the Gospel again and asking for a commitment. And if you have been trained in EE but will not be in a current semester next fall, please participate by inviting others who need Christ into your home.

It’s not too early to ask the Lord who he’d have you invite and to begin praying that God would soften the hearts of those you ask. If you feel rusty in using EE to share Christ, or if you’ve never been equipped to share the Gospel, there’s still time. Visit for help with a Gospel presentation, or download our new Gospel tract and share it with a loved one:

Dr. Graham is the leading evangelist of the 20th century and still one of America’s most-admired men.  Let’s use this historic event to invite others to hear the truth of Jesus in a compelling way.

Not a lot of people live well and finish well.  But that is what we see in the life of Dr. Graham—just as we did with Dr. Kennedy. My Hope with Billy Graham will be a celebration for all of us as we rejoice in all God has done and will do through the life of Dr. Graham.

Won’t it be great when thousands, yea tens of thousands of new believers, celebrate a spiritual birthday?

For more information visit:

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