Aug 24

Shared Without Sharing posted by jwatson on Aug 24, 2012

When was the last time you shared the Gospel and didn’t share that you shared the Gospel? Another similar question to consider is this: When we do something good, is it stupid to not tell anyone about it? The Bible tells us to be careful about practicing our righteousness before other people and today, it has never been easier to place our lives in full display with others thanks to social media and avenues like Facebook, blogs, and Twitter. So I ask myself, “Mike, when was the last time I did something worthwhile and didn’t drop it in a communication to my donors or post it online or share it with my associates? Remember, we have a biblical warning that whenever we do good if only that others might see it, we have no reward. Of course, we also understand that sharing testimonies helps build up the body of Christ. Maybe it’s a delicate balance.

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