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Sharing the Gospel during a Global Pandemic posted by Evangelism Explosion on Nov 02, 2020

People are open to hearing the Gospel. A study during the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that 22% of nonbelievers were more interested in God and spiritual matters than ever before. They were reading their Bibles more, listening to sermons more, searching for spiritual answers online, and engaging in spiritual conversations with others (Joshua Fund, March 2020).

We are continuing to equip the Church during this time of global pandemic so that those who are open to the Gospel can find it.


After COVID-19 disrupted our training schedule last March, the local area team in Salem, Oregon, continued to express interest in holding an Equip America event in July. When restrictions began to relax, we moved forward with a smaller event to comply with local gathering guidelines.

On July 25, people from five churches attended Equip Salem. Attendees and trainers wore masks and maintained social distance while witnessing. No one expressed discomfort, and seven people made decisions to follow Jesus Christ. As we look to the future and a yet unknown “new normal,” we will continue to explore smaller events like Equip Salem in areas not yet ready to hold a full Equip America event.


In the past year, Share Life Today daily radio has grown from 503 stations and radio outlets to 731, nationwide. In addition to the 60 second daily radio program, John was also invited to do live interviews for many stations. In August alone, he spoke on five morning shows about how to witness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Share Life Today has also been nominated for Radio Broadcast of the Year at the 2021 National Religious Broadcasters Christian Media Convention. Our goal with Share Life Today is to encourage believers to become better equipped to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


As ministry partners, we covet your prayers. Would you join us in lifting up a few specific needs this month? We appreciate your commitment to pray for EE.

  • Pray for pastors willing to host Equip America events in 2021.
  • Ask God to provide the resources needed to impact the U.S. and beyond with the Gospel.
  • Pray for more radio stations to include Share Life Today in their schedules.
  • Pray that God’s protection will remain on our team around the world.
  • Pray for opportunities for EE to work in new nations and offer the many Gospel training resources we have available.
  • Lift up the upcoming “Discovery Week” (week of November 9th) where field candidates will consider working with EE.


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