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Sharing the Gospel with Friends posted by John Sorensen on Sep 16, 2019

Think of someone you know who you want to spend eternity with in Heaven. Do they know Jesus? Do they know that you know Jesus? 

You see, assuming your friend doesn’t want to know about Jesus is very dangerous. Just because they know you are a believer but haven’t asked about your faith, does not mean they’re closed off to it. They most likely don’t know how important faith in Jesus really is.

Most Christians can trace their spiritual roots to either a relative or a friend who first told them about Jesus. If your friends see evidence of Jesus in your life, they will certainly take you seriously when you share what He has done for you.

You may feel like talking about your faith to your friend will make them uncomfortable or run them off. But in reality, don’t you think the best way you can love your friend is by sharing with them the eternal security you’ve found in Jesus?

If you will ask to share what Jesus means to you, and how He can change anyone who will turn to Him, your friend will see your love and appreciate you coming to them about their spiritual life.

Here’s my challenge to you: ask your friend to meet you for dinner or coffee and tell them you have something important you would like to share with them regarding spiritual matters. Leave it at that. Just let them know you have an important reason to get together. Letting them know you want to talk about spiritual matters will keep you accountable to follow through during your time together. Share the Gospel in love with your friend and express your concern that they may not know what Jesus has done for them.

This is our focus this week at Evangelism Explosion through our social media channels and our daily broadcast. Visit ShareLife.Today for resources to help you share the Gospel with your friends.

May God richly bless you this week as you do!

This is a transcript of Conversations with John #59

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