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Sharing with a Prodigal posted by John Sorensen on Feb 24, 2020

This week on Share Life, I want to talk about the prodigal in your life. Maybe you’re a parent who has tried again and again to win your child to Christ. Maybe it’s another family member or friend. You’ve tried and you are honestly tired of trying. What we must remember, though, is that salvation is not our own doing. It’s always the work of the Holy Spirit who changes our hearts. We must allow ourselves to be vessels to be used by Him. I say this to encourage you and to also remind you that you’ve been there, too. You were not born a believer with a heart to serve the Lord, so remember to show your loved one grace.

Think back to what first drew you to saving faith in Jesus. Chances are, it wasn’t a cleverly worded argument or a finger pointed at you telling you that you’re wrong. While the Lord certainly convicts us of our sin and calls us to repentance, Romans 2 verse 4 says it is the kindness of the Lord that leads us to repentance. We see the kindness of the Lord all throughout Scripture. Just one example was told to us by Jesus Himself Parable of the Prodigal Son. The Prodigal left his father’s house and squandered everything he had – everything his father had given him. And at his lowest point, the son came back… to a father who was already looking out into the horizon, waiting for his son to come back.

Now, of course, the father lectured the son and said ‘I told you that you’d come crawling back to me!’

NO! It was quite the opposite. Jesus says the father RAN to his son. He took him in and he threw a party. The father knew exactly what the son had done, yet he welcomed his son with open arms and celebration. So, I encourage you, that while it hurts deeply to see your loved one living a reckless life far from God, keep looking to the horizon. Show God’s kindness whenever you can and gently move them toward the cross.

This is our focus this week at Evangelism Explosion through our social media channels and our daily broadcast. Visit ShareLife.Today for Gospel tools and resources.

May God richly bless you this week as you do!

<This is a transcript of Share Life with John #78>

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