May 30

Shepherd-Sheep – Gone Astray posted by John Sorensen on May 30, 2016


Perhaps the most popular Biblical picture illustrating our relationship with God is the Shepherd and Sheep.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  This is Shepherd-Sheep week on Share Life Today, highlighting five aspects of this biblical picture, one each day.  And each one of these can be used when sharing your faith.  Today, we look at “Gone Astray.”  In Isaiah 53 verse 6 we read, “All we like sheep have gone astray.” So, there we have the problem.  We’re basically wandering around in sinful rebellion against an all-holy God.  But the verse goes on to say “. . . and the Lord has laid on Him (Jesus) the iniquity, or sin, of us all.”  So, through His grace, love and mercy, the Lord placed on Jesus all of our sin – paying the penalty through His death on the Cross.  Problem solved! I encourage you to take the Gospel to wandering sheep who, by repentance and faith, can be reconciled with the Good Shepherd! If you’d like to see a video demonstrating this picture, visit

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