May 23

Show Up – Ready! posted by John Sorensen on May 23, 2016


You can do it all!  Or can you?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  It’s one of the mantras of our day.  But it’s simply not true – or at least you can’t do it all with excellence and without running yourself ragged.  I recently read an on-line piece on this subject.  The idea was to “show up ready to do what you’re there to do.”   Bring to the task your best shot and not the leftovers from an overly committed schedule.  That goes for work, family, church, sharing your faith – you fill in the blank.  The point of the piece was that showing up ready is often a “discipline of subtraction.”  Think about it.  Life is full of choices and we want to choose the best things.  This is even more true as Christians.  The Word of God clearly tells us that one of the things we are to do with our time is learn how to share our faith and then show up ready to share the Good News with our friends, family, and even the strangers that we meet.  We’re here to help.  Visit our website at

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