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Simply Ask for Permission posted by John Sorensen on Apr 27, 2017


Do this one thing and you will never again encounter the objection, “I don’t like people cramming religion down my throat.”

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Now, that’s quite a claim and I stand behind it 100%.  It’s really simple.  When you want to engage someone in a Gospel conversation,   always ask for and receive permission to talk about spiritual matters!  Here’s an example.  A “Red Kettle Bell Ringer” was ringing his bell.  Stopping to speak with him, I asked if he knew the founder of the Salvation Army.  He didn’t, so I introduced him to William Booth, with a word about his worldwide impact.  Then I shared one of my favorite Booth quotes:  “When you give a hungry person a Gospel tract, place it between two pieces of bread.”   He was intrigued, so I said:  I like to ask people two questions about their spiritual life.  May I ask you these questions?”   He gave permission.  I asked the questions.  He answered.  I had a few minutes to present the Gospel, and left a Gospel tract.  We departed on excellent terms.

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