Oct 31

Skeptics Welcome posted by John Sorensen on Oct 31, 2019


Do you know someone who has doubts about the Christian faith or who is perhaps an outright skeptic?  Well, Jesus says, “Come, let us reason together.” In his book, Skeptics Answered, Dr. D. James Kennedy, the founder of EE, looks at how Jesus dealt with doubters and skeptics.  In the case of Jesus’ disciple, Thomas, Jesus said, “Oh you of little faith,” but He reasoned with Thomas.  Contrast that with when Herod wanted Jesus to perform miracles.   Jesus didn’t even open his mouth because he knew that Herod wasn’t seeking truth.  Now unlike Jesus Christ, we don’t know the heart and we don’t know if a person is wanting honest dialogue or playing mind games, but Second Timothy gives us direction telling us we’re not to quarrel but we’re to be gentle with those in opposition so that God will perhaps grant them repentance.  To help with these type conversations, visit us at for a video about the Truth of the Word of God. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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