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Soul Winning posted by John Sorensen on Jun 06, 2016


Do you realize that the greatest work that God permits us to do is the work of individual soul winning?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Actually, that’s the premise of Charles Trumbull’s classic book, Taking Men Alive. Charles was a Civil War Army chaplain and he had an influential role in the YMCA. And he believed that individual soul winning was Christ’s own preferred method of evangelism. He makes another compelling point that, “every man in the world is going to be ‘taken alive’ – by some one.” “In the one case, Jesus promises to enable His disciples to take men alive for the Kingdom. In the other case, the Apostle Paul speaks of those who have been taken alive by the Devil.“ Think about it. Satan too is fishing for souls to “take alive unto death.” Whereas Christ gives us the privilege of “taking men alive unto eternal life.” How important is this “catching alive?” Eternally important! To watch a video on how to share your faith, visit

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