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Spiritual Hunger posted by John Sorensen on Oct 07, 2015


Is there ever a time when we’re free from uncertainty and doubt?  Well, I doubt it.  Not in this world anyway.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. We hear of our nation’s tremendous debt, the high rate of unemployment, the instability of Wall Street and the real estate market.  It all makes us cringe.  And with all of this uncertainty there is a spiritual hunger out there as well.  People ARE interested in spiritual things. But how do you build that bridge to where you feel confident and free to ask a friend about this — whether they’ve ever thought about dying, about eternal life, or even about their church home and what they believe?  Well, I think it’s simple.  Just ask them.  Listen and be transparent. and better yet, you can start with you and sharing about your own spiritual life.

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