Feb 18

Spiritual Multiplication posted by John Sorensen on Feb 18, 2016


Here’s how addition works.  Begin day 1 with one penny.  Day 2 – add another penny.  Repeat daily for a month.  Grand total – 31 cents.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Now, let’s change to multiplication.  Day 1 start with one penny.  Day 2 it doubles to 2. Day 3 the 2 doubles to 4. Repeat daily.  What is this 31 day total? Over 1 BILLION pennies!  Multiplication is a Biblical principlthat we at EE hold tenaciously to because the world’s population isn’t addingit’s multiplying.  Currently there are 7.4 billionpeople on earth.  And the projection is for 9 billion by 2040. So, what we really need is an evangelism explosion.   If every Christian on earth would learn to share their faith, we can easily reach every person on earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But what we need is multipliers.  Would you like to be a multiplier?  We can help you get started at

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