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Spring Training Blitz Equips 1,200 to Share Christ in Jamaica posted by John Sorensen on May 02, 2012

More than 1,200 Jamaican Christians were trained to communicate the Gospel more effectively this spring through a series of 25 Share Your Faith workshops on Jamaica in March and April. It was a major push led by Devon Linton, EE’s Regional Director for the Caribbean, with a helpful assist from a team of U.S. staffers who traveled to the island nation to help lead workshops.

Devon is doing great work to expand EE in the Caribbean. Here’s the report he sent out to the EE guys who came down from the U.S. to help lead Share Your Faith workshops:

With your sacrifice and true denial of self, you have assisted the EE ministry in Jamaica and by extension, the Caribbean, to facilitate 25 Share Your Faith workshops with 245 churches being represented and 1,239 believers equipped to be more effective in sharing their faith so that “everyone hears.”  WOW!  Praise the Lord!  Very importantly, we had 44 pastors attending these workshops and we already have 5 pastors representing preaching circuits of about 40 churches that are eager to participate in an EV2 launch.

Praise the Lord! My prayer is that this training blitz will lead to a multiplied impact for the Gospel, and that many more will hear the Good News as a result. Also, special thanks to the team of U.S. trainers who traveled south to train Jamaican Christians to share their faith.

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