Apr 14

Takeshi From Kyoto posted by John Sorensen on Apr 14, 2016


The headline on this particular print ad stated: “Evangelism is not a four-letter word.”

This is John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Now, I have to ask myself, why has this biblical word drummed up so much stress? From my personal experience, sharing the Gospel can be a joy. But, I admit, it does help to have some training in how to share our faith. Takeshi Hattori of Kyoto, Japan has experienced this firsthand. Takeshi came to Christ and then got involved in a good Bible believing, preaching church. Shortly thereafter, he began learning how to share his faith. Within six months he had led his mother, father and younger brother to Christ. Takeshi is now ignited with a passion to lead others to Christ. Do you have someone in your family or sphere of influence that you would love to see come to Christ? If so, you may be the very person God uses to reach them with the Good News. And you can do it. Need help knowing how to get started sharing the Gospel with your friends, and relatives and neighbors? Well, visit your our website at

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