Oct 18

Taking Pressure off the Pastor posted by John Sorensen on Oct 18, 2018


A lot of pastors feel that they are on call 24/7. Would you like to know how you can help take some of that pressure off your pastor?

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, for Share Life Today. Pastor Grant, of Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church, had this to say when talking about Evangelism Explosion training, “It actually takes the pressure off the pastor, because when you have mature people, they can come together and get stuff done without you having to be a part.” You see, being trained in EE not only enables you to share your faith but also trains you on how to be a leader; someone your pastor can rely on. October is Pastor Appreciation Month, be sure to thank your pastor. To help you, we are offering free, the book “For God and Country” by William J. Federer. It is an excellent resource for pastors who want to use quotes from our founding documents that show our Christian heritage. For more information visit

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