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Telemarketer meets Tele-Gospel-er posted by jwatson on Nov 02, 2011

Looking for an opportunity to share your faith?

Try what Douglas Bamford, EE Teacher from Inverness Presbyterian Church, of Dundalk, Maryland recently shared with me…

“Years ago when I started doing EE one of the things which helped me to develop the habit of doing EE and get over that fumbling in the beginning was to do EE at home on the telephone when telemarketers would call.  One was a call soliciting for contributions to an anti-abortion organization, which resulted in a profession of faith over the telephone with a follow-up call by the local church EE group down in Virginia.

I also made my students aware of this method and it resulted in a students’ relative making a profession of faith over the phone.  It’s done very simply up front by telling the telemarketer that you will listen to what they have to say if they agree to give you a few minutes of their time afterwards.”

Thanks Douglas, you Tele-Gospel-er you!

Try this approach, friends. You may find it as successful as Douglas has.

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