Jul 17

Testimony From Sri-Lanka posted by jwatson on Jul 17, 2012

Here is a testimony of what God is doing throughout the world as he uses EE to help others spread the Gospel. May your heart be inspired and encouraged as you read about the faithfulness of our God who is working in the hearts of the lost.

My name is Chandra. I was born as a Buddhist, and lived thirty nine years as a Buddhist in Sri-Lanka. Someone shared Christ with us, and we received Christ. I had a heart desire to share Christ with the lost, but there was a big barrier. When I first heard about Evangalism Explotion, I thought it was an impossible thing for me to join, because I couldn’t speak in English well like others. But I place my trust in God and joined. I thank God because He gave me His understanding, wisdom and knowledge to learn everything step by step. My seconded semester I became a trainer. While I was training others through EE Ministry, I began my personal Evangalism at the beach, and the parks, with my friends at the Church. Somany people received Christ, who came frome different religions and backgrounds. Prise the Lord! who payed our debt.I went two missionary trips to Haiti and one trip to cancer hospital in Sri Lanka, to share our faith in Christ. So many people recieved Christ, among those two people recieved their healing from cancer. MY eighty years old mother, my two older sisters, my youngerest sister who were buddhist, recieved Christ. I pray may God will continue to use EE Ministry to touch the end of the earth. I thank God that through one man’s obedience to Christ ( Pastor Kenady), many souls came to Christ. I Thank God for the Evangalism Explotion Ministry. May God Bless you all.

What a faithful God we serve!

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