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Thankful For His Peace posted by jwatson on Sep 07, 2015

Your story matters. There’s no doubt about it. When you enter into a conversation about the Lord and His transformational power, your testimony is integral in creating a personal connection and trust with someone. Here’s a testimony from we’d like to share with you today:

I’m so glad that I have eternal life because of the sense of peace that it gives me each time I encounter a situation where fear wants to grip my heart. When that happens I realize that I need not fear death or anything because I have the assurance of an eternal and abundant life.

I remember a situation that occurred once when I was on a business trip and flying home from Los Angeles. I was on board an American Airlines flight to Dallas as it taxied for takeoff and was sitting next to a person who was clearly very uncomfortable flying. She was one of those people you may have heard described as a “white knuckler” because she was gripping the arm rests so hard I thought she might rip them off the seat. You could just see her arm and hand muscles tensed under the strain. I saw that she was terrified as the pilots began the engine run-up just prior to our takeoff. At that moment I was so grateful as I realized that, instead of fear, I had peace because I knew my eternal life was secure in God’s hands no matter what might happen on our flight.

The same security and peace I felt that day is something that I experience each time I encounter situations that might normally make me fearful. I am always able to think back to the time when I learned how I could receive the gift of eternal life and the peace that God supplies.

I am so grateful, when I face real life situations that might cause me to fear, God brings me peace and assurance through his gift of an abundant, eternal life.

Andy Yates
Texas, USA

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